The Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge

The traditional men’s pocket bulge is unfortunately on his rear-end. It puzzles me, why a wallet would be put in such a place that causes structural damage. Would anyone sit directly on a brick or a lump of lard? Any chiropractor would advise to take your possession of artifacts out of the rear… and change to the front pocket where it belongs. Traditional wallets were never designed to carry an assortment of paraphernalia that creates the unsightly sciatica bulge. Yet somehow the average person stretches and stretches the wallet limits, until one day you feel you are sitting on a hill. Maybe at that point if you are lucky… you’ll decide to clean house like the many times before. Receipts of all types flow out… gas, grocery, auto repair, lunch, football, baseball and let’s not forget old lotto and movie tickets. It is any wonder that there is room for what the wallet was intended for... credit cards and currency. The damage to your skeletal frame is well known in the chiropractic circles but unfortunately the person sitting on the wallet is unaware that the pain in their back and hips is directly related to their back-pocket wallet.


It is tilting their pelvis and causing skeletal misalignment and pain. The best way to avoid further damage and recover is; to change the rear pocket to front pocket. First and foremost, buy a minimalist slim wallet that will prevent you from collecting unnecessary paper. When I first realized that I did not need to carry excess collectables in my wallet… it was freedom. I do not miss anything other than what I actually need. Money, Credit Cards, driver’s license, med card and a few business cards.


The wallet that best suites all those needs is the ACM®Wallet… now why do I say that? I must admit I invented the ACM®Wallet for the very reasons that I explained and much more. Not only does it minimize the carrying capacity not to exceed what you need… but it is lightweight and selects and protects cards like no other wallet on the market. Patented and released in 2001, it remains the only wallet ever made that performs individual selection and protection with the push of a button and the first hard shell wallet to introduce RFID protection. That’s it folks… the front pocket ACM®Wallet… the battle of the bulge is over.

Aug 13th 2019 ACM®Wallet

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