About RFID Blocking Protection


Protection against RFID Theft since 2001.

What is RFID? Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of a wireless, non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fieldsto transfer data from a tag attached to an object, (plastic card) for the purposes of identification andtracking.


Tags used in your cards require no battery andare powered by the electromagnetic fields usedto read them. The tag contains electronicallystored information which can be read from up toseveral yards away. Unlike a bar code, the tagdoes not need to be within line of sight of thereader.

Protecting your RFID credit card

The first step to protecting yourself from RFIDidentity theft is simply knowing if you have anRFID-enabled credit card. You can find out bycalling your credit card company, reading yourcard agreement or checking your card for thepresence of an RFID chip or RFID logo, whichlooks like a series of expanding ripples or waves. These days, we all have a 'chip' which is the same readable tag by readers for such options like Apple Pay.

rfid-symbol-on-card.jpgThe Tinfoil Hat

Protecting your data from skimming or theft is as simple as keeping cards in a wallet or device that reflects and/or prevents radio waves from entering the container. The ProTek™ ACM®Wallet has been doing this since 2001.