Silver ProClip™

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  • Silver ProClip™
  • Silver ProClip™
  • Silver ProClip™
  • Silver ProClip™ shown attached to ACM®Wallet.


Introducing a better money clip for the Pro acm® User. This clip is standard on the ProTek™ wallet. Retro-fits any previously manufactured 6 card acm® wallet.

Improved Rubberized Polymer Coating.
• New design w/more coverage

• Increased carrying capacity.
• Cash can 'tuck' under base.

• Improved construction & durability.

Introducing ACM®s New ProClip™ with Silver Rubberized Coating.

Our New ProClip™ offers a larger covered area and increased capacity with reinforced spring steel to provide flexibility and gripping power. The new design of the clip allows currency to "tuck" under the clip body for added secure storage.

This is a Factory Spec Replacement for your tired Money Clip. This New 4rd Generation Money Clip retro-fits all ACM® Wallet 6 Card models.

Many acm® customers asked for more strength and more security. What we’ve come up with is a design we feel will meet and exceed everyones important expectations.

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