is standard Faraday Cage Science that comes built in to the ProTek™ and ProTek™Plus units. Many wallets that claim RFID Protection don't have half the RF Blocking capabilities of the ProTek™. Learn more about RFID here

Smart Fashion™ designed for everyone. The ACM® fits a front pants pocket, jacket pocket, side pocket, purse or bag. Holds 6 cards, complete with Removable Money Clip & Photo Carry Card. Includes 18 Interchangeable Button Icons to label each slot for quick & easy card retrieval.

  • ProTek™ Plus

    ProTek™ Plus

    Limited Edition item. The Original Silver acm® with a matching metal coated SuperClip™.   • RFID Blocking Wallet. • New SuperClip™ w/metal coating. • Free ProClip™ w/Rubber coating...
  • ProTek™


     This is Smart Fashion™.  • RFID Blocking Wallet.• Improved non-slip ProClip™• Improved smooth, precise mechanism.• Holds & ejects 6 standard cards.• Speeds up transactions. • Offers...