All the Factory Original Equipment and parts for your ACM® Wallet.

• Replacement Clips for ACM®. Mix & match colors, all retro-fit.
• Replacement buttons for ACM®.
• Custom made Leather Case for ACM® Wallet.
• Clear Poly Dock, the perfect parking spot for any ACM®Wallet.
• Original Faux Pouch (Not recommended for daily use.)

Our newly re-designed money clips come in two distinct finishes:

The New SuperClip™:
*This is a Limited Edition item. Two-Ply Chrome Coating Sytstem (2CCS) consists of a Brushed Chrome Finish over a Copper Base Layer. Increased capacity, durability, gripping strength and is a perfect match on a ProTek™. This Clip is the +Plus in our ProTek™Plus model. It also retro-fits any 6 card acm®wallet.

The New ProClip™:
Same updated new design finished in an improved Rubberized Coating Comes in Black Satin or Silver Satin.
Increased capacity, durability, gripping power and comes standard on a regular ProTek™ & Black Satin Models. New ProClips retro-fit all 6 card acm®wallets.

  • Original Pouch Replacement

    Original Pouch Replacement

    Replaces factory original Faux Leatherette Pouch ACM®Wallets are shipped in. First time buyers do not need to purchase this item, each new ACM® comes with one of these. Very light duty, not recommended for daily use. Comes in packs of 3 Pleather...
  • Button Icon Replacement Kit

    Button Icon Replacement Kit

    • 18 Factory Replacement Button Icons. • Comes with 6 loose and 12 on Red Keeper Card. 18 Factory Replacement Buttons with red keeper card. The button replacement kit allows you to refurbish your ACM's control tabs. Much like changing your...