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Parts & Accessories

All the Factory Original equipment and parts for your ACM® Wallet.

• Replacement Clips for ACM®. Mix & match colors, all retro-fit.
• Replacement buttons for ACM®.
• Custom made Leather Case for ACM® Wallet.
• Clear Poly Dock, the perfect parking spot for any ACM®Wallet.
• Original Faux Pouch (Not recommended for daily use.)

Our newly re-designed money clips come in two distinct finishes:

The New SuperClip™:
*This is a Limited Edition item. Two-Ply Chrome Coating Sytstem (2CCS) consists of a Brushed Chrome Finish over a Copper Base Layer. Increased capacity, durability, gripping power and it looks awesome on a ProTek™. This Clip is the +Plus in our ProTek™Plus model. This clip also retro-fits all 6 card acm®wallets.

The New ProClip™:
Same updated new design finished in an improved Rubberized Coating Comes in Black Satin or SIlver Satin.
Increased capacity, durability, gripping power and comes standard on a regular ProTek™ and Black Satin Models. These clips also retro-fit all 6 card acm®wallets.

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