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About ACM®

The ACM®Wallet was first introduced to the public in 2001, Q4, via 1 and 2 minute television spots. Immediately following the successful television campaign, ACM® became partners with SkyMall™ Magazine and had been in the Catalog and on their website each and every quarter since Early Spring 2003 until Q1 2015. The ACM®Wallet made it to 7 covers in the popular in-flight magazine, making it one of the top selling products in SkyMall™.

ACM Wallet on 7 Skymall Covers.

Over the years the ACM®Wallet has cycled through numerous catalogs and magazines, many of which have helped propel the product to reach customers all over the world. Some include,, Herrington, Lifestyle Fascinations, Red Envelope, The Sportsman's Guide, Exclusively Weddings, Brands on Sale and many others.  Canadians have found the ACM® to their liking and orders are sent to customers in Canada every single day from our AMAZON Partners in Canada, at htttp:// (keyword 'acm wallet')

ACM®Wallet can be found in the USA on these fine websites:

ACM Wallet on Wallet on

Patents and Solving Problems

The ACM® Wallet is patented in 12 Countries including Hong Kong and China. The unique shape of the ACM® is protected by a separate patent called a trade dress. This refers to characteristics of the visual shape of the ACM®.

There have always been problems associated with regular wallets; cards damaged before the expiration dates occur, which cause problems in checkout lines and of course waiting for the replacement when the card finally fails completely. The ACM® completely cures this problem by never allowing cards to rub together, scratch or break due to the stress and bending in traditional wallets.

A side effect of using the ACM® is the element of organization. Traditional wallets can have a countless number of useless receipts, scraps of paper, business cards and other paraphernalia built up over time. Aside from all these practical qualities, we also like to call the ACM® - the "fastest wallet on the planet." We urge you to try to select any particular card out and back into any other wallet as fast!

Food for thought...

What started as a practical invention to keep cards organized and lasting longer is now becoming a new trend in the way people carry their cash and cards. People find that holding on to old receipts and cards that are seldom used is unnecessary and clogs up the limited space in their wallet. ACM® was one of the first (if not THE first) hard-shelled wallets to break into the multi-billion dollar a year wallet industry. Hard-Shelled wallets are here to stay. This can be clearly seen by the plethora of available brands, types and sizes finding their way to Kickstarter™ and being sold all over the web.

The ACM® is a slightly different animal - It's a mechanical credit card holder, money clip and yes... a WALLET. It's a new way of thinking! The ACM® Wallet allows you to organize, select and protect your cards in a way that no other money clip or wallet ever has. With over a million units now sold, ACM® Enterprises has also done something that is not easy to accomplish: Start a trend without an army of marketers or any yell & sell DR TV campaigns. The inventor chalks it up to perseverance and good old-fashioned customer service. With a large portion of total sales being engraved and customized in some way, ACM® offers a personal touch to anyone wishing to do so.

The idea for the ACM® Wallet came to the inventor while he was returning home from the super market after a mishap at the check out counter involving demagnetized credit cards. Up until then he carried his credit cards wrapped in cash and held together with a rubber band… there had to be a better way. ACM®Wallet is the perfect organizational tool that streamlines your wallet with the minimum amount of effort providing the maximum protection to the magnetic strip. Each ACM® Wallet is precisely hand assembled using over 70 parts to incorporate its unique design providing many years of long lasting use.

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