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ProTek™ $59.95

Quick Overview

The Original Silver acm®. A mechanical card holder and selector so organized, simple and practical it has people around the world changing the way they carry their cards and cash. Hand assembled containing over 60 parts with a warranty covering the mechanism for the life of the unit. 

The removable ProClip™ holds up to 20 notes, some business cards and paper paraphernalia. Complete with 18 interchangeable identifying button icons to label your cards for quick retrieval. The included photo card gives the option to carry a few photos along.

RFID Blocking Wallet.
• New ProClipw/rubberized coating.

• Improved smooth, precise mechanism.
• Holds & ejects 6 standard cards.
• Speeds up transactions.
Offers elite organization.
• 18 Interchangeable Button Icons.
• Super Lightweight! 2.5 oz.

• Learn More about RFID Theft HERE


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ACM® Two-Ply Chrome Coating System prevents RFID theft.

*Two-Ply Chrome Coating System (2CCS) consisting of a Brushed Chrome Finish over a Copper Base Layer. Includes our New improved ProClip™ with improved rubberized finish, Photo Card and 18 interchangeable Button icon pads for easy card labeling. 

ACM®s New ProClip™.

Our New ProClip™ offers a large covered area and increased capacity with reinforced spring steel to provide flexibility and gripping power. The new design of the clip allows currency to "tuck" under the clip body for added secure storage. The ACM® ProClip™ can be easily removed creating a slimmer ACM® Cardholder.  (Moneyclip included with purchase of 6 Card Wallet)

What is RFID? Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of a wireless, non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, (plastic card) for the purposes of identification and tracking.

The first step to protecting yourself from RFID identity theft is simply knowing if you have an RFID-enabled credit card. Find out by calling your credit card company, reading your card agreement or checking your card for the presence of an RFID chip or RFID logo, which looks like a series of expanding ripples or waves.

The Tinfoil Hat. Protecting your data from any skimming or theft is as simple as keeping your cards in our Silver Plus™ ACM® Wallet or device that reflects and/or prevents radio waves from entering the container. The Silver ACM®Wallet has been doing this since 2001.

The Silver Plus™ protects all RFID enabled cards from scanning by malicious card readers while cards are properly enclosed in the wallet. Start protecting your RFID Enabled cards today.


Additional Information

Color All Silver
RFID Protection Yes
Items Included (1) Faux Pouch, (1) Removable Money Clip, (1) Button Icon Pack, (1) Photo Card, Instruction Booklet